On the social news website Reddit IAmA stands for “I am a” and AMA stands for “ask me anything”.

In an IAmA post, a person will post what they are, and other people will ask the original poster about himself/herself.

Recently, El Sawyer, an ex-offender, did a AMA on Reddit. He learned video production during the 8 years he served in prison for shooting a man who was trying to rob him when he was 17. El is now a director of a community arts non-profit in Philly called The Village of Arts and Humanities. He is currently working on a film about re-entry and recidivism. Find his story here:

When I was 17 I shot a guy who was trying to rob me. I served 8 years in prison, and have now been out for 10 years. I have been working with The US Attorney (DOJ/ Federal Prosecutor) to make a documentary (“Pull of Gravity”) about re-entry and recidivism. AMA.


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