Our Mission
Provide basic needs for employment Justice Involved men, women and youth (JIMWY). Provide pre/post-release employment services, thereby improving their potential for obtaining gainful employment and becoming productive citizens within the community. Our priority  is to equip individuals with effective job seeking skills in order to become an asset to the community.

Our Vision
AMF will assist individuals with employment and background challenges, whereas to become more employable by providing employment resources, assisting with basic employment soft skills, and in this manner employment background challenges with concentration on deficits of the ex-offender; while striving to increase employability, stability individual self-worth, confidence and community contributions and enhancements . The goal is to provide a seamless network of lifelong relationships that encourages growth and service, as well as accountability and pride. To facilitate the provision of organizations/state jail and reintegration services appropriate to the needs of the individual, as well as, the community.

Values of Our Agency
The environment of the participants, community and collaborations are the focus of AMF and a high priority to enhance the lives of all that are involved in a positive and productive manner. Each participant will be treated with respect, as well as each collaborative contact. Give positive reinforcements, praise, credit where credit is due, and quality of services. The focus to decrease the emphasis of the individuals past challenges and focus on the present efforts and accomplishments and those thereafter, with milieu condusive to individual and community well-being/prosperity.

AMF volunteers uphold these core values in our own work and promote them in Austin M.O.V.E. Forward. These values represent what we believe in, what we stand for and how we approach everything we do:

AMF’s vital role in the community
Innovation and a sense of hope
Integrity and accountability
The rich diversity of the people we serve
Outstanding service
Responsible stewardship